WED. JULY 19 | Balmir Student Audition
8:30 pm20:30

WED. JULY 19 | Balmir Student Audition


Are you ready to take your dancing skills to the next level?

We welcome you to audition for our student team for Salsa On 2 (New York Style) and Bachata with World Salsa Pro Champion, Monique Richard.

Open to Advanced Beginner Level Students. You do not need to be on Balmir's former student team to join.

**Absolutely no fee to audition** CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Balmir Latin Dance Studio Takeover at Candela Fridays NYC!
Mar 18

Balmir Latin Dance Studio Takeover at Candela Fridays NYC!

  • Candela Fridays NYC

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**CANCELED**Anya Katsevman Competition Heats Bootcamp
8:00 pm20:00

**CANCELED**Anya Katsevman Competition Heats Bootcamp

**Due to inclement weather, this event is canceled tonight.**

This is a preparation bootcamp for heated competitions taught by Two-time World Salsa Champion and World Salsa Summit adjudicator Anya Katsevman; we will be running a mock competition for all competitors competing in or wanting to learn how to compete in Salsa, ChaChaCha and Bachata heats categories.

Besides the mock competition, a lesson in preparation will be covering how to handle being on the floor with other competitors, walking and bowing. Tricks and tips to win a heated competition, how to improvise under pressure, how to work the music and so on.

The price is $10 per person and includes admission to the Balmir Salsa Social with performances by World Salsa Summit preparation showcases. Please note that all professionals who have students are also required to pay the $10 fee. 

We welcome all of you to participate and get familiarized with the heated divisions and their benefits.

I look forward to it!
Anya Katsevman